Membership Benefits


Professional peers with similar goals, needs and interests. Businesses providing products and services used for emergency vehicle operations and training. Elected officials that impact legislation and budgets. Citizens and volunteers supporting law enforcement efforts.

Electronic Weekly Newsletter

Announcements and registration information on training programs. Updates of current and pending legislation affecting emergency vehicle operations and training. Professional research articles. Listings of employment opportunities. Equipment safety bulletins and manufacturer comments.

Access to Message Board and Directory

An opportunity to exchange information regarding actual police pursuits and informational videos to assist in training. A network of information, literature and experience provided by the membership and officers of A.L.E.R.T. College scholarships for children of members.

Training Opportunities

Public and private training facilities. Regional A.L.E.R.T. sponsored training seminars. Annual national training conferences, offering opportunities to exchange information with vendors and view the latest equipment dealing with law enforcement.

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